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Deer Safety 101

By October 18, 2019April 2nd, 2020Deer Safety
South Carolinians are very familiar with this sign, which signals that the area is active with deer crossings. This time of year is when deer are the most active, due to the mating season (otherwise known as “the rut”).  According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the rate of crashes involving a deer total approximately 2,400 a year. Here are some of our safety tips:
  • Avoid distractions at night. Put down the cell phone and fast food so you are fully aware of any sudden deer sightings.
  • Use high beam headlights as much as possible during the evening hours to illuminate areas where deer may enter the roads.
  • Remember that deer are most active between 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (although they can be found at any time of day or night).
  • If colliding with a deer is inevitable, remember that swerving out of the way could cause you to lose control of your vehicle and/or place you in the path of an oncoming vehicle.