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Why the Life Insurance Offered By Your Employer May Not Be Enough

By September 29, 2022Insurance
Employer-provided life insurance is a great benefit, but consider this:
Many employer-provided plans only offer a set amount. If something happened to you, is what you have enough to pay off your mortgage, provide your family with the funds to continue with their current lifestyle, and cover other financial obligations?
What happens to your coverage if you leave for another opportunity, retire, or your position is eliminated? Since many employer-provided plans are group life insurance plans and not individual policies, you may no longer have coverage if you aren’t employed with that company.
Contact us. If you aren’t sure exactly how much coverage you have, we are happy to help. Life insurance is more affordable than you think, so don’t put it off.
Reach out to Lee Scroggins at The Turner Agency by email or by calling him directly at 864-400-3502. We would love to make sure you have the coverage you need if the unthinkable occurs.