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COVID-19 Updates from The Turner Agency

We hope you are staying safe and practicing social distancing. Today, we are reaching out to offer some important information that may be beneficial to you and your business during this pandemic. The links are below. Also, while we don't usually mix politics with...

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How to Prevent Car Break-Ins

Last night, the news media reported seeing an uptick in crime statistics during these trying times.  This morning, we had our first claim of a client’s car being broken into since we learned of COVID-19 at The Turner Agency.   To help you from becoming a victim of a...

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Nine Ways to Manage Commercial Automobile Costs

Whether you oversee a fleet of company vehicles or your employees drive their own cars for business, taking the right steps to manage on-the-road exposures is a must to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and control losses. The reason? Commercial auto losses in...

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