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Auto Accident Checklist

What should you do if you are in an automobile accident?  The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that in 2019, a traffic collision occurred every 3.7 minutes in our state.

We hope you are never involved in a car accident. But just in case, our Auto Accident Guide is a great resource so you will know what to do at the scene of the collision.

Below are our recommendations.

  1. Check on the people involved in the accident to see if everyone is ok. Call 911 if anyone is seriously injured. If not, call a nonemergency number for police or highway patrol.
  2. Move your car safely out of traffic (if possible) and warn oncoming traffic by turning on your hazard lights.
  3. Try to remain calm, and do not admit fault. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s).
  4. Gather information from the accident scene: take pictures of the scene, the damage, and the other driver’s license, license plate and insurance card; talk to witnesses; and draw a sketch of the accident.
  5. Do not discuss the accident or sign any documents. Only answer questions asked by the police.
    Get the investigating officer’s contact information (if available) and ask for a copy of the police report (if available).
  6. Contact us to file a claim at 864-288-9513. If you need to open a claim after business hours, you can contact your insurance company directly. For a list of companies and claim contact information, click here.
  7. If  you live in South Carolina and are involved in an accident, you will be given a copy of the police report, known as the FR-10 form.  Be sure drop off or send our office a copy of this form so we can confirm to the SCDMV that you are insured. You can take a photo of the form and email it to


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