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Fall Maintenance: What You Can Do Now to Protect Your Home

When you purchased your home, you likely had an inspection and appraisal done to ensure that everything was working as it should.  To keep your home in good condition, it’s important to spend time inspecting your property and looking for potential problems that can be corrected before becoming a disaster. By making maintenance part of your annual fall routine, you can reduce your risks and hopefully avoid a claim down the road.

Here is our “Top Ten” checklist for the Fall:

  1. Have your heating system cleaned and inspected annually by a qualified technician.
  2. Replace your filters in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Check gutters for damage and confirm they’re securely attached to the house.
  4. Clean gutters and downspouts. Clear leaves and debris to prevent flooding or freezing around your foundation.
  5. Check and repair caulking around doors and windows that show signs of deterioration.
  6. Have your chimney cleaned and maintained by a professional.
  7. Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under and behind the dryer. Remove lint and dust that may have accumulated inside the dryer in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  8. Check electrical outlets for loose-fitting plugs or receptacles. Make sure your outlets are not overloaded.
  9. Check to be sure you have a working fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Is it accessible?
  10. Inspect your smoke detectors. Do you have a smoke detector in each bedroom? In the hallway outside each sleeping area? Also make sure you have at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home, including your basement. Test them monthly and change the batteries if needed.

The steps you take now can help protect your home and property from more potentially expensive damage and emergency repairs in the colder months to come.

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