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Golf Carts in South Carolina

By June 8, 2018April 2nd, 2020Blog

Summer is almost here and we are already seeing golf carts being used as a primary mode of transportation for work and play. As your insurance advisor, the safety issues and liability involved with golf carts concern us, particularly when we see children behind the wheel or golf carts being used off your property.

South Carolina law states the following:

• Only licensed drivers 16 years or older may operate a golf cart on public roads
• Drivers must have their license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration for the golf cart in their possession
• Golf carts may only be driven during daylight hours
• Golf carts can only be operated within four miles of the driver’s residence
• Golf carts can only be operated on a secondary highway or street with a speed limit of 35 or less
• Drivers and passengers can still be charged with DUI on a golf cart

If you have a golf cart, contact us so we can be sure you have the coverage you need. Home and auto insurance policies are not designed to provide coverage when a golf cart is being used as a means of transportation.

For more on golf cart safety from the City of Greenville, click here.

For more information on how to obtain a permit from any SCDMV office, click here.