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Has Your Vehicle Classification Changed On Your Auto Insurance?

By May 17, 2018April 2nd, 2020Auto Insurance

In the past, vehicles have always been classified as  “Pleasure,” “Commute,” or “Business” on an auto insurance policy.  However, insurance companies are now reporting that sometimes “pleasure use” cars are on the road much more than “commute use” cars, and how your car is classified can affect your auto insurance rates.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say your car is rated as “commute use”. You drive your car to work 8 miles, run out for a quick bite at lunch, and then stop by the store on the way home after work. For an entire day, you may have put around 20 miles on your car.

Your wife’s car is rated as “pleasure use”. She takes the kids to school, drops off dry cleaning, goes to the gym, meets friends for lunch, takes the dog to the vet, goes grocery shopping, picks up the kids from school, takes them to baseball practice, and then drives back home. She has put twice as many miles on the car rated as “pleasure use” as the car rated as “commute use”.

The focus is turning more towards the actual miles driven rather than primarily on the usage classification.  The more time a car is on the road, the higher the exposure to accidents. Please review your policy to see if your annual mileage is listed correctly or contact us and we can check this for you to ensure that your vehicles are properly classified.