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How to Avoid The Wedding Day Blues

By May 16, 2017April 2nd, 2020Blog

Your fiancé popped the question, and you said “Yes!”   Let the celebrations and planning begin!  Most engagements last over a year these days because there are so many details to consider – including the wedding venue, florist, photographer, caterer, the dress, and more.   But have you thought of wedding insurance?

So much time and money go into planning the perfect wedding that you should ensure your wedding stays within budget even if the unexpected happens.  That’s where having insurance can help save the day.

The Wedding Day

More than 3,000 weddings take place every day in the United States, with the average cost now reaching over $32,000 according to  A wedding is one of the first large investments a couple will make, both financially and emotionally.

Because there are so many moving parts, there are just as many opportunities for something to go wrong. For example, what if your pre-booked transportation (limo, bus, etc.) doesn’t show up for you or your guests; and then you have to book another last minute and have to spend more money for it?  Or a hurricane causes the necessary and unavoidable cancellation or postponement of the event? Or the caterer backs out? Or the bridal salon loses your dress?  Yet another consideration for the big day is liability coverage for the reception, especially if alcohol is being served. These are the types of wedding day financial losses that wedding insurance can help to protect.

The Turner Agency offers coverage options (some with no deductible) to protect your investment from circumstances beyond your control through both Travelers insurance Company and United States Liability Company (USLI), with coverage starting as low as $160.  If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, contact us for advice on how to protect your investment.

The Rings

Protect the bling!  Make sure the engagement and wedding rings are insured by updating your homeowner’s, condo, or renters policy and your home inventory as soon as the ring is purchased.  Most insurance companies will tell you that that ring needs to be insured by the person who possesses it at the address where that person lives.  If you need to insure the ring, contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your options.  Just don’t wait until after the honeymoon to protect this significant investment!

The Gifts

How do you protect all the incredible wedding gifts you receive?  After the wedding, you will want to review your home, renters, or condo policy to make sure you have enough coverage, especially for valuable items such as silver, china, or other valuable items.  In addition, we recommend that you add your new household items to your home inventory in the event you ever have to file a claim.

The Honeymoon

After the wedding, most newlyweds plan a special honeymoon.  Regardless of the destination, travel insurance might be something to consider investing in.  Travel insurance can offer coverage if there is a trip delay, medical illness, weather event, or catastrophe at your destination.  Your travel agent should be able to help with this type of insurance.

Rental car insurance is also worth your consideration.  Most personal automobile policies cover you for losses caused by other-than-collision (also known as comprehensive) or collision in a rental car—provided you have that coverage on at least one vehicle on your policy. However if you don’t have full coverage on at least one vehicle on your personal policy, you may need to look into purchasing the rental car company’s Collision Damage Waiver that’s offered at the point-of-rental.  Not sure if rental car insurance is something you need?  Read on for some tips on how to handle rental car insurance.

For more on what you are and aren’t covered for when on vacation, read Central Insurance’s take on possible claims and how they may be handled.

If you are still not sure you need wedding insurance, take this quiz offered by Travelers Insurance.  Just remember, a little protection up front can go a long way to ensuring the wedding of your dreams!

The Turner Agency, Inc. is a local Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency located in Greenville, South Carolina and in Clemson, South Carolina as The Sosebee Agency. Serving the Upstate of South Carolina and beyond since 1962, we offer a variety of personal and business coverage choices and can customize an insurance plan to meet your specialized needs for home, auto, business, or other insurance products.  Contact The Turner Agency or the Sosebee Agency, a Turner Agency partner, today.

The information in this article was obtained from various sources and is not all inclusive regarding the subject matter. This content is offered for educational purposes only. Posted with permission from Travelers Insurance and including content from Central Insurance.