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Insurance Restrictions on Some Hyundai and Kia Automobiles

By March 22, 2023Insurance

Theft of Kia vehicles with model years of 2011-2021, and Hyundai vehicles with model years 2015-2021, is on the rise.  Many attribute the increase in theft to a recent TikTok challenge that demonstrates how to hotwire these vehicles.

As a result, several insurance companies are refusing to insure some Kia and Hyundai vehicles, while other insurance companies are requiring owners to prove that anti-theft measures have been taken prior to obtaining a quote for coverage.  These measures may include, but not be limited to:

  • Software updates or a security kit installed by the manufacturer. (You can find Hyundai’s software deployment schedule here.)
  • Secondary alarm system installed.
  • Adding a physical anti-theft feature, such as a steering wheel lock, steering column lock, or wheel lock.

If your Kia or Hyundai has a push button start, you may not require additional mitigation, so be sure to communicate this information to your insurance advisor. To determine if your vehicle is eligible for a free anti-theft software upgrade, click here and enter your VIN number.  Some vehicles are eligible now and others will be eligible by June.