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Life and Health Coverage: Back to our Roots

By September 11, 2019April 2nd, 2020Group Health Insurance


This photo of me with my parents, Anne and Clarence Turner, was taken at the last Independent Agents and Brokers of South Carolina conference we attended before my dad passed away in 2013.

When Dad started our agency in 1962, he was working as a direct life agent with Travelers.  As our business grew, we expanded from offering life insurance to providing all forms of insurance, including business, personal, life and health.

A few years ago, we moved away from much of the life and health business due to changes in the market. But at your request for an insurance advisor who could meet all of your needs in one place, we are so pleased to say that we have heard you and we are going back to our roots!

Allow me to introduce you to Gayle Brown, who joined our agency in May as a Business Developer. Gayle has a great deal of expertise in life and health and is ready to help you with all of your life and health insurance needs.

While we are not financial or estate planners, we work closely with attorneys and accountants on funding buy-sell and estate agreements. If you need term life insurance, we will get the best rates available from over 30 carriers and help you make an informed decision on the plan that is best for you.  You can reach Gayle by  clicking here  or by calling 864-400-3519. Here are just some of the life and heath products we provide:

Group Health, Life, Disability and Vision Plans

  • Please reach out to Gayle if you would like a review of your existing policies or simply have questions. It’s always good to have a fresh, new perspective on these important products that make up our financial world.

If You are under age 65:

  • Life Insurance, both personal and business
  • Key-man and Funding Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Individual Health Plans, both on and off Marketplace
  • Short-term individual Health Plan (Excellent for children aging off parent’s plan prior to open enrollment!)
  • Life insurance for children

If you are age 65 and over:

  • Life Insurance, both personal and business
  • Key-man and Funding Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Supplements
  • PDPs – Prescription Drug Plans

You deserve the peace of mind that a good policy can afford, and so do your loved ones. Give Gayle a call at 864-400-3519 to discuss your options.