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Not All Home Policies are the Same

By December 12, 2022Insurance
Home insurance policies can vary in many ways. One area of importance has to do with who actually lives in your house. 
For example, your home may be “owner-occupied,” which means you own it and live there. Or your home could be “tenant-occupied” where you own it but someone else lives there. Or it could be “vacant” (you own it but no one lives there).
It’s important that your home policy is written with the correct occupancy status. If your home policy is written with the understanding that you live there, but the home is actually “tenant-occupied” or even vacant, this can adversely affect your coverage in the event of a claim. 
If you have had a change in occupancy at a property you own, or aren’t sure exactly how your policy is written, please contact us to ensure you have the correct coverage for your property.