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Prepare Your Business for Severe Spring Weather

By April 8, 2021Insurance

Spring brings with it increased severe weather, including potentially damaging wind, rain and tornadoes depending on the region. It is important to be prepared for severe weather ahead of a storm, especially if you want to ensure your business is operational afterward. Part of this preparedness is having a business continuity plan. Consider these basics when creating your continuity plan:

Staff. Include planning and mindfulness activities to ensure staff safety. This can include a disaster drill, basic first aid and CPR training.

Surroundings. Are there nearby elements that may be a damaging threat during severe weather, such as fences, flagpoles and trees that could potentially become dislodged and airborne?

Systems. Review your building’s operational utility systems, which are generally located on a building’s roof.

Structure. Review the architectural and structural elements of the building, especially those that are vulnerable to damage or failure during severe weather.

Shelter. Review the best and worst areas to shelter in the event of a storm. That way, staff and customers know where they will be safe during severe weather.

A business continuity plan provides peace of mind. It ensures your business is prepared for severe weather, and that you have the safety of your employees and customers in mind.