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Recognizing National Safety Month

By June 8, 2018April 2nd, 2020Uncategorized

June is National Safety Month.  What would you do if your worksite caught fire or a chemical release occurred in your facility? Workplace emergencies are more common than you may realize, and it’s important to consider worst-case scenarios. A disorganized response to an emergency can lead to confusion, property damage, injury or even death.

Emergencies that you may have to face at your business include:

  • Explosions or fires
  • Natural disasters
  • Hazardous/toxic material releases
  • Radiological and biological accidents
  • Workplace violence
  • Active-shooter situations

Read on for some important steps in emergency preparation from our partner, Summit.  Another partner, Selective Insurance, offers a important preparation steps that can equip your staff members with the tools they need to stay safe.

The National Safety Council offers a wealth of information in recognition of National Safety Month here.  Finally, OSHA offers a list of recommendations to develop and implement an emergency action plan.