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The Value of a Parent Teen Driving Contract

By March 13, 2020April 2nd, 2020Auto Insurance

The more you talk to your kids about safe driving, the safer and more responsible they will be behind the wheel.  As your teen nears the age to drive, consider implementing a Parent-Teen Driving Contract, such as the one we have created.

Here is The Turner Agency Parent – Teen Driving Contract that we offer to our clients.

A Parent-Teen driving contract is a written and signed agreement between you and your child, with the purpose of setting the expectations on both sides before your child begins driving.  Having the rules and consequences spelled out in advance allows you to define the rules, along with the consequences, if the rules are broken.  It becomes a signed agreement between you and your teens and allows you to address the issues before something happens.

Some of the points to consider when creating your Parent-Teen driving contract include:

  • Your teen’s responsibilities, such as driving the speed limit, how many people can be in the car, the curfew on weeknights and weekends, and if anyone else is allowed to drive the car.
  • Your responsibilities as the parent, including if you are willing to step in if your teen in in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation.
  • Vehicle Maintenance, including who is responsible for paying for gas and other costs, who is responsible for vehicle maintenance such as an oil change or tire rotation, and who is paying for the insurance.
  • Consequences such as what happens if your teen is caught speeding, if they drink and drive, if they are caught not wearing a seat belt, or if they drive distracted or while texting,

We also recommend that your teen meet with your insurance advisor to learn how being added to your policy, getting a ticket, or causing an accident affects your rates.

We care about your teen.  Statistics show that one in 6 new licensed teens will get in a crash within the first 6 months, and crashes are still the leading cause of teen deaths.

So have the conversation, and set the expectations.

Here is The Turner Agency Parent – Teen Driving Contract that we offer to our clients.

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