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Vacation Planning Tips

By March 31, 2018April 2nd, 2020Auto Insurance

Spring signals the arrival of many things, including vacation planning.  To help prepare you for your next vacation, we’ve put together a small list that will ease some of the unfortunate headaches that go along with traveling.

Plan ahead

  • Don’t be surprised by a break-in or water leak.
  • Make sure you have a neighbor or family member that can come by to check your house while you’re away.

Protect your valuables

  • One of the leading causes of identity theft is a lost or stolen wallet.
  • Make sure your valuables (especially your wallet or purse) are stored in a secure place and not in plain view while you are on vacation.

Vehicle check

  • Be sure your car is ready for a trip.
  • If your car becomes disabled during your drive, it’s important to know prior to leaving if your insurance policy includes roadside assistance.
  • If not, now might be the perfect time to contact your independent agent to include that coverage.
  • Roadside assistance is designed to make road trips successful. Don’t let your vehicle stand in the way of you and your much-anticipated getaway.


Finally, have fun! Make it a point to disconnect and enjoy your time off!

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