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Your Charter School Insurance Renewal: What you need to know

By May 23, 2022Insurance
Is it almost time for your charter school insurance policies to renew?  If so, check out our list of questions to consider before your renewal. Your answers could help detect any potential gaps in coverage that need to be addressed. 
If you feel unsure about any of the answers below, or something has changed in the last year, please reach out to your insurance agent before your coverage renews.  Here are our questions:
  • Have you checked your lease agreement (if applicable) to see that your property coverage is compliant?
  • Have you made any improvements, changes or building updates in the last year to your existing locations? 
  • Have you added any new buildings?
  • Do you know if all of your employees and sub-contractors (1099 employees) are included in your coverage?
  • Would you have coverage if your school suffered a data breach?
  • Will you be holding any year-end special events that might require additional insurance coverage?
  • Have you checked for any exclusions on your existing policy that could cause coverage gaps?
We would love to offer your school a complimentary insurance review to ensure you have the optimum coverage you need at a competitive rate. As an independent insurance agent, we represent our clients, not a company.